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Originally this site was conceived as a project devoted to only one Late Jurassic ammonoid genus - Cardioceras.  But over time it became clear that more interesting to talk about not only Cardioceras, but also about their relatives - about their ancestors and descendants, and the family Cardioceratidae in all. This family is hardly popular, however, these ammonites lived on Earth 10 million years, and their study has helped to determine many features of the paleobiology of ammonites.

The site is divided into several sections:

First of all, it is a section about Cardioceras genus. There are some photos of these ammonites, and information about who they were and where they lived.

The second section focuses on the whole family Cardioceratidae. The history of this family, its features and its members, which were widely distributed in the Northern Hemisphere at the end of the Middle Jurassic and at the beginning of the Late Jurassic.

The third section is dedicated to the famous ammonoid genus Quenstedtoceras, ancestors of the Cardioceras, existed at the end of the Callovian century (Middle Jurassic).

The fourth section will describe the descendants of the Cardioceras - Amoeboceras genus. These ammonites - last representatives of the Cardioceratidae, also worthy of special attention.

 Ammonite Cardioceras

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